• Matilde Calderón Merino Iniversidad Guanajuato
  • María Teresa Hernández Jaime


Fair organization of any kind implies coworking and combibing knowledge from differentdisciplines, such as science, economy, social studies or culture.As a result of this merger, we get acommon start for products and services that solve certain problems of today’s society.Taking this intoaccount, we decided to apply a strategy in which learning could occur in an active way, based onprojects,and marked by the intervention of different areas of knowledge. Some of these fields arefinancial math, administration, economy, accounting, law, ethics, among others.This fair had itsorigin in may 2013. Six teams of students, only from the economy and administration area,participanted in the first edition.The fourth edition took place in may 2017. Twenty eight teamsparticipated, arranged in three different categories, set according to the students’ training level (2nd,4th and 6th semester). The preparation process for this projects fair begins in january of each yearand it is carried out in the final days of may. Students present their work made during this period andit is assessed by an external jury.Each team has at least an advisor professor, who accompanies thestudents in the development process of their project. Also, each team gets general training from theorganizing committee to ensure uniformity and development of all the teams.

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