• Felipe Louro Figueira Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • João Artur de Souza
  • Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini
  • Danielly Nunes de Carvalho
  • Alvaro Guillermo Rojas Lezana


This research aims to identify the use of the SCAMPER creative technique in the generation of ideas through a structured literature review based on the SYSMAP method. With 15 articles that make up the Bibliographic Portfolio (BP) for content analysis. SCAMPER is particularly a technique that allows a different look from the usual and it can be used to redefine a process or product. The possibilities of use are as numerous as the techniques incorporated in the word itself, or they can be combined with other methods in an adaptive way. There is a concentration of authors who study technique application to foster creative skills and problem solving. It was also verified that the SCAMPER technique is linked to the design and creativity thematic, being the themes more approached analyzed in the article. It was concluded that SCAMPER is one of the most complete tools for stimulating creative thinking, exploring the ability to question and even adapt to existing situations.

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