The International Congress of Knowledge and Innovation - ciKi is a relevant Latin American space on Knowledge Management, Innovation, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Media, with an intense exchange of information among researchers around the world. The event is an initiative of the postgraduate program in Engineering and Knowledge Management of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). The 2018 edition takes place in Mexico, in the city of Guadalajara. With more than 15 lecturers of international renown, it has the following participations:
• University of Guadalajara - with several units in the region of Jalisco with more than two centuries of tradition and represented by Miguel Ángel Navarro Navarro, Rector General University of Guadalajara.
• Inter-American University Organization (OUI IOHE), an organization with a strong presence in the higher education community of the Americas and the College of the Americas (COLAM) - that develop and offer training programs with an inter-American, interdisciplinary and intercultural perspective.
It is the eighth edition of the ciKi, with the central theme of "Habitats of innovation and the knowledge economy". Receiving hundreds of articles submitted, 128 of these articles were selected through blind-review.
We thank the authors and reviewers and introduce the community to the selected articles.

Prof. Dr. Fernando Gauthier - EGC / UFSC
Coordinator of the Ciki 2018 Scientific Committee  
Published: 2018-09-24

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